Audio from “Humanitarian Aid Accountability: Expectations and Realities in Haiti”

We are happy to bring you the audio from our September 9, 2013 panel, “Humanitarian Aid Accountability: Expectations and Realities in Haiti.” Please feel free to link to this page and disseminate the discussion widely- it is an important one, for both Haiti and broader issues of humanitarian aid. Focus on Haiti was proud to facilitate.

The panel, hosted at the Elliott School of International Affairs, focused on the roles, responsibilities, and impacts humanitarian aid broadly, and particularly in Haiti. The event featured presentations by Michael N. Barnett, Professor of International Affairs and Political Science at the George Washington University; Mark Shuller, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and NGO Leadership Development at Northern Illinois University; and Thomas C. Adams, Haiti Special Coordinator at the US Department of State. The event was hosted by The Western Hemisphere Working Group of The Institute for Global and International Studies, and the Latin America and Hemispheric Studies Program.

Below find the audio from the presentations and the question and answer session. Note: due to technical problems, unfortunately the introductory words from Bob Maguire and Barbara Miller were not recorded. The audio begins a minute or so into Michael Barnett’s presentation.

Speaking Times:
Michael N. Barnett (0:00-13:15), Mark Schuller (13:30-30:15), Thomas C. Adams (30:30-46:15)